Sofia Vendela

NK Christmas Decorations

 There is an air of wonder about the large department store, the tall building is covered in lights and pine garlands that almost creates an illusion of half structure, half Christmas tree and the festive windows gather around its base like colourful gifts for one and for all. The crowds are gathered around the brightly light windows. Everyone wants to see this year's theme. Children run up to glass, their noses almost touching a the observe the colourful life within. They point, ooh and ahh before shuffling down to the next window while their parents pull out a phone to try and capture the moment of childlike wonder. However, the crowds make it impossible to get a perfect shot of the nutcracker-like ballerinas spinning in the forest. Everyone stops to look, whether they're on their way home, rushing to find that perfect gift or taking an evening stroll through the city, they all stand at least somewhat briefly, to survey the spectacle that is the NK Christmas decorations.





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