Sofia Vendela

My Self Portrait

Hello, luvs!

As you may or may not know, I am an art student studying here in Stockholm. Recently, I finished my piece for our segment on potraits and self portraits. It didn't turn out exactly how I planned but I'm still pretty proud of it and thought I'd share my process and result.

I started with a blank piece of paper to test out my rough idea and to work more with oil paint.

Then I started on a large canvas to create the undertones for my skin in the self portrait. This also created the direction of the lines that I would paint along to create depth and facial features.

I then added highlight by throwing on thick layers of light paint for that classic impressionist look in its texture. After that, I went in on the lips again to try and mirror my own, a darkening in the middle of the lower lip, a shadow underneath, create a large philtral tubercle (centre of upper lip that drops down) and highlight the actual lip with lighter reds and purples.

I then just kept adding layers in different colours to add a soft feel that I so love about oil along with outlining my odd jawline and my chin.

The lighting is incredibly harsh so please don't judge the colours. I added depth to the nose, more highlight to the jaw and high points of my face, hurridly created my eye shape, eye and lashes. Not to mention that I also started creating a rough brow shape and started adding the first layers for my hair.

And voila, my end result! The lighting is a little brasy and yellow so there is a change in skintone from the first pictures. I finished up the hair, added a background colour, made my eyebrow lighter, whitened my eyes (a little too much since there's a lack of depth) and just finished some final details along with some additional touch ups.





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