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Artistic/Urban Outfitters lover

Gift Ideas for the Artistic type

These gifts range in prices so pick and mix as you choose! A few ideas are as follows: a camera (either SLR or Analog) or polaroid (I recommend the Instax mini 90, mainly because its the one I wish I got instead of the mini 8) or some Instax or 36mm film. Coffee table books are always a fun like How to be a Parisian, Bad Girls throughout History or How to be Mindful. A record player is a nice expensive gift but some records are also fun if the person in question already has one. Notebooks and customisable books are also great, by customisable books I mean travel journals, "letters to my future self", mindfulness colouring books etc. At Urban Outfitters you can also get cute little kits like the bonsai tree kit (as seen above) or one of those pothead or cactus kits. Posters and art are a nice idea like the travel scratch map above where you scratch off the gold from any country you've been to. Something that I always appreciate and know is popular among artsy people are art supplies like sketch pads, new/more paint, new brushes etc.



Gift Ideas for the Fashionista

When it comes to clothes, you want to be really careful with sizes, that's why I personally avoid buying clothes for other people since they may not like the style or it may be the wrong size and it's so awkward to ask fo a receipt. I usually go for jewellery and things that are one size or are supposed to be oversized such as statement earrings, midi rings, classic and simple necklaces, hats (I personally like sailor caps and broad rimmed hats) or bags. There are many brands that are reasonably priced yet unique and well made like ZARA, Pop and Suki and Kate Spade. If you are unsure, GO FOR GIFTCARDS. I can't say that enough, it may be boring but it's better to let the person in question choose for themselves instead of getting something that they'll never use.



Gift Ideas for the Foodie

Great for anyone who likes cooking, baking, food or who's just moved out (so pretty much anyone). Gift ideas: cookbooks, kitchen appliances like a Kitchen Aid or a coffee machine like a Nespresso or percolator. Other ideas include cute coffee mugs, pretty baking accessories and chocolate or truffles. Yum! If you want something more DIY-able, bake some sweets like biscuits or toffee and package them up in a cute box with a sweet note, tissue paper and some ribbon. Another idea is to create a "cookie batch in a jar" which is done by putting dry ingredients to your chosen recipe in a mason jar along with the full recipe and voila!



General Gift Ideas

These gifts are more for anyone, just basic things that the majority of people seem to like, need or use that can range in price according to your relationship. Some of these include LUSH products (make sure they have a bath tub before buying any bad products), a 2017 calendar, candles, fun board games like Cards Against Humanity, earphones, phone cases and TV box sets or subscriptions for e.g. Netflix, Spotify or a magazine. If you want something more personal, I suggest creating a photo album with pictures of you two along with sweet notes and memories or a wall calender customised with your own photos. Hope this post gave you some ideas!





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