Sofia Vendela

My Favourite Christmas Calenders

Lassemajas Detektivbyrå

This Christmas calendar is about Lasse and Maja who run a detective bureau and help the local police officer to solve crimes. I grew up reading the books so when it became 2006's calendar I was ecstatic. I grew so nostalgic writing this post and couldn't find it online or on youtube so I ordered the Dvd from some website and am going to pick it up when I finish writing. Can't wait to watch it again after 10 years!


Hotell Gyllene Knorren

This is my absolute favourite calendar of all time. I have seen it so many times that I can almost quote it. This one is about a family who move from Stockholm to the country where they open a hotel and struggle to keep it open. I also ordered this Christmas calendar online and am sooo excited!


Barna Hedenhös Uppfinner Julen 

The best recent Christmas calendar since the last two haven't been so good. That calendar was also an adaptation of a series of children's books that I read as a kid and have very fond memories of. Love!


Pelle Svanslös

I think I got this as a Christmas present from my parents as a kid and watched it obsessively, only a few years ago did I realise that it was a Christmas calendar and not just a great movie, it is so well done.




This is one of the first Christmas calendars that I saw when I'd moved to Australia and was nostalgic as a little nine-year-old. It was a remake of the TV series about two superheroes and I remember really enjoying it, I think you can find this one on Youtube if you're interested!






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