Sofia Vendela

Meet Me At: Il Caffe

Hello, fellow coffee lovers!

It's been a while since we met up at a cafe but now I'm back again, providing another relaxed review of a coffee shop here in Stockholm. Today we're meeting an Il Caffe. They have four locations but I will be talking about their cafe near Medborgarplatsen, Södermalm.

Il Caffe is a trendy cafe in Södermalm with a unique vibe due to its environment and decor. The cafe consists of several rooms whose walls are covered in art and posters. The main accents of the cafe are orange, a greyish-blue tone and black. The floors are variations of tile while the walls are a mix of grey, white and blue. Within the cafe, there is also a little bakery called Brödbutiken and a flower shop. In the far end, there is a quiet room with several small tables perfect for anyone who needs a quiet place to work or study. This is where I'll be headed next year when finals are on their way.

Who would I bring here: Since this cafe is so close to my school, I often go here with my lovely friend Alice or I'd go here by myself to study one afternoon.

The crowd: Hipsters, locals with strollers and coffee enthusiasts.

Internet: Yes, the code is listed right atop the counter.

Toilet: Yes

Coffee: Great strong coffee that doesn't sway too far to either the acidic or basic side. Although I'd prefer mugs for lattes rather than glasses, just a personal choice. 7/10.

Sweets: Since they have a bakery in tow, their baked treats are aplenty so you have so much to choose from. Favourites of mine include their saffron and cinnamon buns.

Location and hours: Södermannagatan 23, 11640 Stockholm. A ten-minute walk from both Medbograrplatsen and Skanstull. Monday to Friday: 08-20. Saturday and Sunday: 09-19.

Overall rating: I love the feeling of productivity at Il Caffe along with the coffee and the close proximity to my school. I give Il Caffe an 8.5/10.





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