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How to be Stylish in the Cold

Merry Christmas, luvs!

Christmas is almost upon us and if you're in the northern hemisphere (or the actual north), then it's going to be pretty cold where you are. One of the worst things about winter is the fact that its so cold so you can't wear any cute outfits and jeans and a t-shirt is always your go to. That's why I thought I'd compile a list of some tips and tricks to stay extra warm (but still manage to be stylish) this winter.



Layering has been a huge trend this autumn during fashion week and continues out of necessity into winter. An idea is to start with something tight (like a shirt), then throw on something warm (like a sweater) before you grab a warm and insulating winter coat. Another idea is to go invisible. By that I mean is instead of layering over, layer under your outfit. Wear tights under your jeans, layer socks (or buy proper winter socks), wear a thermal top under your blouse or bike shorts under a skirt. When it comes to layering, it is customisable, it's difficult to give ideas since everyone's wardrobe is different. Just try to assess your outfit and see what isn't going to be warm enough.


Focus on accessories and details

When your whole outfit is going to be almost the same every day, it's time to look to accessories, jewellery and the small things for assistance. Add a sparkly choker or thin scarf to you grey t-shirt n jeans, find an eye-catching bag that isn't the same colour as your coat, wear frayed or reconstructed jeans, put on some statement earrings, find a pair of cute boots, apply red lipstick, do your hair in a 60's half up-do with a scarf. The options are endless, you just need to be creative and think what would suit your style and what you already have in your wardrobe.


Experiment with hats

This is a simple one but to many (including me), not an obvious one: hats. There are so many hats that have had their moment in autumn that can still be gorgeous with a winter coat. A favourite of mine is the baker boy (or marine) cap but classics include the broad-rimmed hat beanie and beret.


Wear thigh highs


I love skirts. They suit my style really well and give me a silhouette that I want. So when winter rolls around, you bet I'm figuring out a way to still be able to wear my American Apparel tennis skirt. One solution is to wear thigh highs, whether it be socks or boots (or both), finding a warm pair of socks that you can wear on top of a pair of tights keeps you just as warm (if not warmer) as jeans.


Invest in a proper jacket

When about 90% of your outfit is covered by a big jacket, it makes sense to invest in something proper yet fashion forward. However, this really isn't as simple as it sounds since finding a gorgeous jacket that is also wearable, timeless, incredibly warm and something that you'll use in three years is very difficult. Try to look at the material of the jacket you're buying, along with the stuffing and length of both its arms and body. Try faux fur if you're feeling crazy or how about focusing on the cut like a trench coat, parka jacket, peacoat, cape or wrap jacket. Otherwise, black is a classic that I always go for but if that isn't for you, try something like a brown, navy or maybe a subtle plaid. Crazy I know. Although these colours may be boring, they are practical and will work with all your clothes. A unique colour is super fun one year but the next year you could be tired of it so before you invest, make sure it is something you'll love for a long time.


Scarves and gloves

Scarves and gloves shouldn't be forgotten since a coat can only cover so much of your person. Investing a little extra in these proper accessories is very important since you'll be wearing them every day for at least three months. Finding a more expensive scarf in a proper material will be so great when it's minus 18 degrees outside and your soul is weeping. Since I go for black jackets, i like to pick up a grey, cream, beige or dark muted orange for my scarf. With gloves, you want to do the same, find a pair of insulated gloves in a proper material that will keep your fingers toasty all winter. Hope it helped!





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