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End of Year Tag

If you could look back on one memory from the last year that you wish to relive, what would it be?

I have so many (which is great). Either when I was at our summer house with mum and dad, it was sunny and quiet and I was sitting on the couch eating my breakfast and drinking some gross coffee that was somehow addicting and reading Mrs Dalloway. Or when mum and I ate breakfast at Angelina in the Lafayette on an early morning in Paris, consisting of macarons and coffee. Another option would be when my house won the school's song competition, it was such an incredible and joyous moment that I'd love to go back to.


Best movie you saw this year?

The Guy from U.N.C.L.E, such an amazing movie with incredible 60's fashion.


How did you celebrate your birthday?The day before, I met up with some close relatives and parents at Vetekatten cafe. Then, on my birthday, we had a dinner party at our place with an Estelle tårta from NK along with family and family friends, so lovely! A little overwhelming but great.


Top three beauty products of the year?

Coconut oil, Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and Covergirl Full Lash Bloom mascara


Something special you've got planned for 2017?

A trip to Lissabon, hopefully a trip to Copenhagen and mayyybe a trip to Florence and the surrounding cities... Mayybee..


Three words to describe 2016?

Growth, experience, friendship


Something you're looking forward to this coming year?

The summer holidays. I can't wait to have that extra time to put into my painting, photography, aimless walks, coffee dates and of course: le blog.


What songs remind you of 2016?

These are some of the songs that I listened to this summer and have such positive memories associated with them.


Best book you've read this year?

Dracula and Lolita. Amazing amazing books!


Where did you travel this year?

Australia then to Paris then to Finland then again Finland.


Favourite podcast of 2016?

Probably "My Dad Wrote a Porno"


What do you wish for 2017?


Maybe a nice little place in Karlberg or Vasastan. *crossing my fingers*. I would also love to come closer to working in the fashion industry.


Compared to last year, how are you?

I am so much better. Last year I was so overwhelmed by the move and now, I have come so far and really grown as a person. I am much happier, more positive, more dedicated, and hopefully closer to a job in the field I want.


Your favourite blog of 2016?

Oh gosh. Besides my friends and previous favourites who I've already talked about or who I discovered pre-2016, I have loved reading Flora Wiström's blog. Find it HERE. Happy New Year!






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