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Hey, lovely people!

Christmas is in less than a week (!!) and I thought I'd do a Swedish Christmas question tag. I know that I have a lot of readers outside Sweden so parts of this may make no sense to you. I did my best to translate the questions but some words had to remain in Swedish and even if others are in English, be prepared to google because I had to. You can think of this as an opportunity to learn more about Swedish Christmas traditions and/or a way to find new traditions for yourself.


Gingerbread or saffron buns?

Oh god I love both! home-made gingerbread though, I'll eat saffron buns from anywhere!


Marshmallow Santas or toffee?

Toffee (or knäck). I still like marshmallow Santas but only if they've been open for a week and get a stiff texture, not at all like marshmallow.


Ice chocolate or marsipan?

Marsipan figures. Ice chocolate usually has a weird texture.


Meatballs or sausages?

Meatballs over "prinskorvar".


Christmas sausage or Christmas ham?

Never had either so I prefer neither.


When do you want the first snow to fall?

It snowed first on November second and it's snowed several times since then but I'd love to wake up to snow on the 24th, so maybe on the 23rd or 22nd?


Salmon or herring?

I don't like fish so neither.


Brawn or paté?

Oh god no.


Paradis chocolate or Aladdin chocolate?

I really don't have a preference, chocolate is chocolate and I just do my best to consume all of it.


Spareribs or "Janssons frestelse"?

Janssons Frestelse, if it's without the anchovies.


Mulled wine or "julmust"?

I love both so it depends if I'm in the mood for something sweet and hot or cold and fizzy.


Beetroot salad or "dopp i grytan"?

Never had "dopp i grytan" so beetroot salad. Preferably just regular salad though tbh.


Ris a la Malta or rice pudding/porridge?

Porridge. I'll eat it all year round.


Home or away?

Home with family, maybe a Christmas party at our place with relatives and friends.


"Mysteriet på Greveholm" or "Sunes Jul" Christmas calendar?

I've only seen the recent Mysteriet på Greveholm, not the old version. If we're speaking pre-2000's, I love "Pelle Svanslös".


Sweden or abroad?

Sweden. I've been abroad too many times during Christmas.


Give or get gifts?

I love to give people gifts! But sadly this year, I really haven't had any free time and it's just been a stress factor.


Chocolate calendar or present calendar?

A chocolate calendar I think.


Fake or real tree?

Real, I love the tradition of going to a tree farm and picking the perfect one.


Arne Weise or Ernst?

Ernst 100%


Have you ever had a green lawn during Christmas?

Yes. Several times in Sweden and every time in Australia. Well.. we didn't have a lawn but hey...


When du you decorate for Christmas?

The first of advent, so in the last days of November.


Is there anything negative about Christmas?

Since school finished the 21st, I don't have enough time to enjoy it by buying gifts, listening to music and watching Christmas movies. Instead, I'm writing essays, studying for tests and heading to school every day.


Favourite Christmas film?

Love actually.


Favourite Christmas calendar?

 Lassemajas Detektivbyrå and Hotell Gyllene Knorren.


Are you satisfied with Christmas when it's over or do you want more?

I'm often sad when it's over, you really grow to miss the season when you've been surrounded by it for at least a month.


When do you open your presents?


In Australia, we did half of the family's gifts on the morning/afternoon of the 24th and exchanged some with our friends in the evening when we'd have our Christmas party. Then we'd do the other half in Aussie style on the 25th and do some other friend gifts when we'd celebrate with an Aussie Christmas at someone else's house. Since this is my first time celebrating Christmas in Sweden since I was seven, I'll have to guess that we will be doing everything on the 24th.


Favourite Christmas scent?

Baking gingerbread, Christmas LUSH bath bombs and mulled wine with almonds and raisins.


What creates the most Christmas mood?

There are so many things! Baking Christmas treats with a good Christmas movie in the background or watching "Luciafirandet" on the 13th with the family and saffron buns.


What is most important about Christmas?

To appreciate, to slow down and take a break by just enjoying the season with those you love and whom you feel loved by.






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