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Best Christmas Movies

Love Actually

Love Actually is my absolute favourite movie and the fact that is is a Christmas movie just makes it even better! It is such a sweet and heartwarming film about people with connected timelines. It shouldn't just be overlooked as a "chick flick" (hate that word) because it is an incredibly well-done movie that is very intelligent, funny, festive and moving.


The Polar Express


A super sweet movie with a lovely ending about a boy who takes a train to the North Pole. During the movie, he goes on a festive adventure where he learns about friendship, bravery and the love of Christmas.


The Grinch

A Christmas classic based in Whoville. It is about the bitter Grinch who plans on ruining Christmas for all of Whoville's citizens. A great and funny movie!


Mer om oss i Bullerbyn gif

This is for my Swedish readers, if you were anything like me, your childhood was all about Astrid Lingren and Barna i Bullerbyn. The movies were my favourite growing up, the first one being about summer and autumn with the second movie covering the Christmas season. Such a lovely film for nostalgia.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is more of a movie in between Halloween and Christmas since it relates to both. I've written about this movie so many times that it's not even funny since it is in my second favourite movie of all time!


Sagan om Karl-Bertil Jonssons Julafton

An old school Christmas classic for all the Swedes out there. You've probably already heard of this movie if you are or speak Swedish so enough said, watch it! 


It's a Wonderful Life

This is a movie that I've heard about every year and never actually seen, until this month and now I completely understand the hype. It is such a festive and lovely movie that makes you feel so warm inside.



This movie gives me a little anxiety but its worth it for the great acting of Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel. It is a great movie about a human elf who leaves the North Pole for the US and is a little naive about American culture and the lack of belief in Santa.


Sex and the City 1

You may not think that this is a Chrismas movie but this is the best time of year to watch it! The four girls get on with their lives as the seasons go by and by Christmas and New Year, the movie comes to a heart-warming conclusion that makes me cry every time. Hope this post helps you Christmas cheer!





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