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My Favourite Podcasts

Hello, lovely people of the internet!

I am back! After a week without my computer, I am finally writing blog posts again and I'm happy to be back. Since it has just been the summer holidays I've been listening to loads of podcasts and I thought I'd share them with you all since school is here and many need a podcast or two for their commute. Luckily, I have ten so you have plenty of choose from and I've also included my favourite episode in case you want the highlights first.

 Welcome to Night Vale: A favourite of mine for about a year. It is told from the perspective of a newscaster on a radio station in the city of Night Vale. There are almost 100 episodes and I envy any of you who haven't yet listened to it as I wish I could hear it all again for the first time!

My favourite episode: 30 - Dana


Alice Isn't Dead: A podcast by Joseph Fink who is one-half of writing duo behind Welcome To Night Vale. We hear a woman speaking on some kind of broadcasting signal as she drives through the US, hoping that her missing wife will hear her. They recently finished their first season so you have plenty to listen to.

My favourite episode: Part 1, Chapter 7: Let's Break into a Police Station


Within The Wires: This podcast is by one-half of the writing duo behind Welcome To Night Vale, no not Joseph Fink but by Jeffrey Cranor. It is in the form of relaxation cassets given to a patient at an institute with small clues and information about the patients past, present and future. A very innovative podcast that has recently started so it'll be easy to catch up!

My favourite episode: Relaxation Cassette #3


PsychoBabble: A podcast by Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl where they discuss everything yet nothing at the same time. They cover topics from sexy pilgrims to High School homophobia. All in all, a great podcast that discusses both light and serious topics with equal hilarity and cleverness. There are 101 episodes to listen to so get going!

Favourite episode: Mamrie Hart - The Fan Fiction Murderer


Not Too Deep: Grace Helbig is my all time favourite YouTuber and the moment she started Not Too Deep back in 2014, I was head over heels. Grace and occasionally Jack Ferry (the producer) interview an online personality and I look forward to every episode because this podcast is so unique in its voice and incredibly funny.

My favourite episode: Ep. 28 - Crabstickz - Chris Kendall



Dear Hank and John: A podcast by two online personalities (and brothers) where they give dubious advice and share news about Mars and AFC Wimbledon while mentioning death (a lot). I found this podcast a little more than a year ago and haven't missed an episode since so I suggest you start listening as soon as you've finished reading this.

Favourite episode: 048 - Pizza John Priorities


Serial: This is a podcast that is incredibly popular and known by every true crime lover. We listen to Sarah Koenig talk about Adnan Syed who was convicted of the murder of Hae Min Lee. She has since completed season two which covers the case of Bowe Bergdahl and she is now working on season three which I am so excited for!

Favourite episode: S01 Episode 01: The Alibi


The Generation Why Podcast: This is my overall favourite true crime podcast (and I listen to a lot). Every episode is a new case and every episode is incredibly interesting. If anyone is a fan of true crime or wants to get into true crime, I highly suggest this podcast since they almost have 200 episodes of material to listen to.

Favourite episode: Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders


Once Upon A Crime: A more recent find of mine (thanks to a recommendation from Generation Why). A podcast that covers different types of crimes in the form of small three part series. Starting with incredible stories of people who are lost and found then moving on to children who are killers. Now, she is doing a series on musicians who have died suspiciously. 

Favourite episode: Lost and Found: Chapter 1 - Jaycee Dugard


Undisclosed: I found this podcast about a week ago and have been binge listening the series. From when I get ready in the morning to my school commute, all the way till before I go to sleep. I previously mentioned the case of Adnan Syed which was covered (and made famous) by Serial. Now, a close family friend (and lawyer) of Adnan has started a podcast where she goes through the case in more detail with her two colleagues. Highly recommend!

Favourite episode: Episode 2 - Hae's Day

I hope you enjoyed learning about my favourites and maybe found a new podcast or two to listen to. If you want me to share more of my favourite podcasts (believe me, there are many more), just leave me a comment letting me know!





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