Sofia Vendela

8 Late Summer Trends To Try

- Neck scarves -

Although the weather will start growing colder, it's not yet time to bring out those woolly scarves to keep you warm. Stick to a small n' skinny scarf tied around your neck for an alternative look the classic choker. This is a trend that is a reincarnation of last season's long and thin scarf that was lazily wrapped around the neck.

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- Bucket bags -

This bag has been in and out of style for several seasons but now it's back for real with every store carrying at least one on its shelves. They are mainly found in either leather for an elegant look or mocha for a more relaxed style.

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- Denim mini skirts -

The nineties have delivered another trend- the denim mini is back and stronger than ever. After a brief appearance on the runways in the 2000's, this style can once again be found on the fashion interested everywhere. It is time for the denim short shorts to make way for their younger sister for the coming season.

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- Round sunglasses -

Not the cat eye, nor the large or the over dramatic- the late summer and autumn season are focused on  a nice pair of round sunglasses with a simple frame. These are a nice accessory that is minimal and easy to style while still being fashion forward and eye catching.

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- The paper bag waist -

Goodbye skinny, hello comfortable. The loose silhouette that huge the hips before feathering out at the waist (thereby the name: like a scrunched up paper bag) is a staple for the season. I've seen this style everywhere from runways to blogs to the average shopper on the street and it looks just as stylish and chic.

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- Large belts -

A trend that originated between the fashion bloggers. This look can often be found around a denim skirt, a pair of mum jeans or any other pair of trendy attire. This style is mainly that of large black leather belt straps with silver accents: either a simple buckle or western inspired.

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- Velvet -

The fashion industry loves contrast and everything new- this creating the new obsession with velvet. Summer was shrouded with silk but now, velvet is here for the cooler weather. Expect velvet dresses, coats, bags, chokers and much more.

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- Statement earrings -

This season is all about jewellery and a lot of it but mainly: earrings. Back from the sixties, large statement earrings have graced the runway. Any material, any shape and any style, as long as they're big and the steal the attention .

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