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7 Things to do this Autumn

Hello, luvs!

Autumn is already starting to appear and I thought I'd share my a few of my favourite things to do during the fall season. Later in the week, I will be posting another fun autumn themed questionnaire so stick around for that!


Cosy up at a cafe


This is probably my favourite thing to do on a more regular basis. I often go alone to one of my favourite cafes (find an in-depth post about one here) on a Sunday or a morning before school, order a latte and sit down with a book, my phone or computer (for blog posts or school assignments) and just relax and have some "me time".


Bake cinnamon buns


One of my favourite things to during the autumn season is to bake, specifically buns and different types of biscuits. It is just the cosiest thing: a warm and sweet cinnamon bun with maybe a cup of coffee and a good tv series.


Cosy up with a book


I can't think of anything better than curling up in bed with a great book, a cup of tea as the rain pours down outside. So I thought I'd share a few of my favourites to give y'all some inspiration: Lolita, Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, Mrs Dalloway and Jane Eyre.


Carve a pumpkin


Growing up in Australia, we were influenced by many American traditions. One of these was Halloween and more specifically carving pumpkins. It is a fun but messy activity where you customise a pumpkin of your choice before putting a tea light in it so that it can serve as an autumnal decoration. 


Create the perfect autumn playlist


This has been a favourite of mine, no matter the time of year or occasion; I am always ready with the appropriate playlist. (Especially when concerning matters of cosiness and indie or acoustic music). I have a playlist featuring cosy acoustic tracks that will be perfect for those relaxed autumn days featuring you and your laptop. Find it here.


Go for a walk


Now, yes this sounds very basic but let me explain. Think of taking an aimless walk on a misty morning or walking in a forest that is dressed in shades of red and orange with nothing but a camera to capture its beauty. Trust me, all your Instagram followers will be very jealous.


Make soup


Now if cinnamon buns and other sweet deliciousness is somehow not your thing (or you just want to do something else), make soup! I love this so much since the process of making soup is simple yet somehow relaxing while still being delicious to devour later! Here are three of my favourites that I've made recently: here, here and here.







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