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Meet Me At: Kaffeverket

Hello, coffee lovers,

Since I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee and a knack for finding cute cafes, I thought I'd channel that into something creative and not just a quick coffee run. Hence why I am starting a series on my blog called "Meet Me At" where I write about and review different cafes that are (usually) in the Stockholm area. I will be posting approximately one of these a week and they will include information about the atmosphere, coffee and WIFI access (all very important factors). I am so excited for this series and hope you are too! Now, onto this week's cafe...

Kaffeverket is in my top three in regards to my favourite cafes here in Stockholm so I thought it would be a good starting point. The decor feels modern due to the wall's white tiled surface and bare low hanging lights but feels very cosy due to the feminine lines of the 17th - 18th-century inspired wall details in blue. Inside, the tables are either marble or a muted gold and the seats are covered in sheepskin rugs for that Scandinavian touch. There are plenty of places to sit due to the two or three rooms inside along with the option of sitting outside so it doesn't get too crowded. On the walls, you can find art and photographs that add to the general vibe of this trendy coffee shop by showing off lesser-known artist's work.

Who would I bring here: Since it is such a cute and trendy place, I'm most inclined to meet friends here (which I have done on numerous occasions) for a cup of coffee and a nice chat. Also a great idea: bringing along a blogging friend!

Sweets: Of course, a coffee is no fika without a piece of cake or biscuit of some kind. Luckily, Kaffeverket has you covered since they always always always have a mouthwatering selection of goodies in the window.

Toilet: There is a nice and clean bathroom that usually has a very short line if any.

Internet: Yes.

Coffee: Every time I've ordered coffee from here, it has been strong, balanced and full of flavour. The price is quite reasonable with a large latte costing 39 kr so I'd give the coffee here a 7.5/10.

Address: Sankt Eriksgatan 88, 113 62 Stockholm. About three minutes from the Sankt Eriksplan tube station.

All in all, a well-rounded cafe with good service, a lovely environment, great coffee and options for something to nibble on. You might not be surprised to know that I've been here several times and I've even blogged about it before (here, here and here). I'd recommend you grab a friend and catch the first tube to St Eriksplan right now for a cuppa!

I give Kaffeverket an 8/10.





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