Sofia Vendela

Spring Trends 2016


- The slip dress -

The 90's are making yet another return this Spring and this is reflected in the slip on dress. It can also be referred to as a nightie or a silk dress since its design is based on simplicity, thin straps and silk or silk-like fabric. Calvin Klein was the front runner for this trend this fashion show season with thin straps, long and flowy material as well as a feminine fit. Look out for these beauties this spring season since they are both comfortable, trendy and simple!


- Plaid - 

Another trend that is returning from the 90s is plaid and its coming in all forms- dresses, skirts, shirts, bags and sets! Buying plaid items is never a miss since the pattern is regularly on the runway as well as being a classy statement piece!


- Backpacks -

This trend is so incredibly convenient for anyone in school or who needs a comfortable bag to carry their stuff in! Backpacks/rucksacks are a huge trend for spring due to the various different colours, shapes and sizes that they come in. In more recent years they have developed a higher and more classy status in the fashion word with labels like Marc Jacobs and Chanel designing their own expensive but incredibly gorgeous versions.


- Off the Shoulder - 

This is a great trend and style for both spring and summer since the off the shoulder look is simple but still shows off some skin. This trend comes in various different types- whether that be halter tops, x-shaped cuts, spagetti strap tops, off the shoulder tops or a shirt with any form of shoulder cutouts or detailing- it's all included! As you can see above, these looks are very summer/resort inspired with the same cut to really give a relaxed, simple yet put together look!


- Tiaras -

Not all Queens wear a crown but now they can with this new cute and unique trend that fits hand i hand with the slip on dress. I have already seen this look in stores and on people at my school which just shows how fast fashion trends spread! I truly love anything girly and romantic but I don't think I'm brave enough to wear a tiara (although I definitely want to). Maybe I'll try one of those similar metallic wreath like headbands...





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