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♡ Trend: Metallic Nails

Hey luvs!

So an autumn trend that I have been noticing (somewhat on the runway, but mostly on bloggers n aspiring fashionistas) is the metallic nail trend! I first saw it in some magzine, then on Ariana Grande and then at H&M. So naturally I bought their most suiting colour Android and I love it! 

There are two main categories that I would place under this new trendy and cute nail polish option: plain nails and detailed nails! I'll expand on that a little bit more...

Plain metallic nails are a bold option as they catch your eye and can really bring a whole outfit together! I would definitely sport some rings that bring even more attention to your hands. You can either match metals and stay simple or you can mix them and get an edgier combination that catcher your eye. I personally have worn fake nails with this colour but short and natural nails would also look amazing as it may help you stay inside your comfort zone but still experiment with something new! Another option is to buy those stick ons that they offer at H&M which are a metallic colour which is hard to achieve with nail polish.

Metallic Nails


There are many different options to complete this gorgeous manicure! You can add a gold coat then some studs or tiny balls for texture, a more tame rose gold and silver french manicure strips or just go simple and easy with a quick layer of somethin' sparkly and head out the door!

The next metallic trend is gold detailing! I have mostly seen this look in the form of a nude base and lil' gold lines but you can put your own spin on it to make it suit your taste! I haven't tried this one yet as I need to buy some supplies but as soon as I do you can expect some photos!

I love this trend because it is perfect for those who prefer something simple that will draw attention but for its detail, not boldness! I would pair this look with fake nails since that would give the longest/most noticable lines but you can go natural as well (of course).

Pink & Gold

1. H&M Pink Base polish 51 SEK - 2. Gold Nail Tape (Can also be found HERE)

There are a few different ways to go about creating this look, either you can start with a white, pink or nude base or you can go natural and apply a clear topcoat (I would recommend applying the top coat as the gold will not stain your nail then). For the gold you can either do what I plan on doing and purchase some gold (or silver) nail tape, I found some on ETSY for around 15 SEK (theres a link above) or you can use a nail brush and pain the gold vertical, diagonal or horizonal stripe yourself. Either way the colour combinations can't go wrong! If you do mess up then you can start again or paint the entire nail tip gold so that it looks like a french manicure!

I hope you enjoyed reading this little trend report/how to since I had alot of fun writing it!





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