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♡ Study Tips

Hi Luvs!

Since school started about a month ago here and Aussies are soon starting their next term I thought I'd give ya'll some tips and tricks to help you study!


Find a good place to study- This is the first step to having good habits when it comes to studying. If you have a nice environment where you feel safe and relaxed then sitting down with your books won’t be as difficult. A desk is always a good idea as you will sit straight, whereas a bed can make you a little too comfortable. I have studied on my bed in the past but occasionally I get distracted and have to move.

Another tip is to find a place with good lighting; this is not for a good Instagram picture but to make it easier to see. It sounds silly and really obvious but if you’re studying after school it will be quite dark and you don’t want to be squinting. I suggest somewhere quiet and aesthetically pleasing, if you’re a HSP (hyper sensitive person) like me then I would choose a place that isn’t too cluttered (aka lots of decor pieces or items- even if they’re pretty).

For me, I study on the sofa in my room occasionally but now I tend to be in our ”study/office” which only has a small table, chair, fuzzy carpet and some pillows. Since it’s very plain and has a door that can close I find it relaxing and a place where I focus my energy on productivity instead of distractions.


Find what your learning style is- There is a test you can take to determine how you best take in information. (you can find it HERE). I personally am 45% a visual learner so I learn best with colour coded things, flash cards, visualization, key words, mind maps, planners and lists.


Learn to take breaks- Study for 30 minutes then take a 5-10 minute break is really helpful for me! I set a timer and work until the time is up then go and get a cup of tea, a snack or check social media. Taking breaks isn’t lazy, it’s a way to let your hard work sink in.

My old science teacher said that when it comes to tests you should get plenty of rest the night before and to NOT study in the hours before. If you try to cram everything the day of you will only remember what you revised minutes before the test- not all of it.


Repetition- testing your knowledge and repeating it is the key to remembering it. Cutting down your notes/paragraphs into short sentences is very useful as that required less information to take in and more key words. I love using flash cards, there are some great apps that are really helpful (suggestions below). Getting a family member or friend to grill you is also very useful. Doing these exercises gives you an idea on what you need to revise further.


Stay organized- Having a planner and checklist are immensely helpful when it comes to studying. I use both and have noticed a huge difference since I started a few years back. Using a calender, diary or planner are great choices; I would also suggest developing a habit of making lists and mind maps to give you a clear idea for what you want to achieve for that assignment or test.


Apps to help you- All of the apps below I actually use so you know that they aren’t pointless!

A good app for your computer is Self Control, it blocks a list of your chosen sites that you get distracted by.

Istudiez Pro is an app that I’ve been using since primary school, it tells you when and where you have classes and if you forget to bring a planner, you can write down important dates and assignments there.

A good app for all you visual learners is SimpleMind, I’ve been using this one for a year now and it’s just a spin on list making but you can make it easier to understand steps.

Flashcard+ is such a great app for revision! You write questions and add answers or hints then use them to go through your work, (or get someone to help you). They updated the app recently so there are new features as well.

  So those were my tips for an effective study session! Remember not to overwork yourself and to give yourself rewards for reaching certain/important goals!






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