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♡ Types of Brushes

 Hello luvs!

Previously, I've had trouble distinguishing the different types of brushes but I did some research and now I thought I'd share the most common types of brushes to help y'all know which one/s suit you! By the way, this doesn't include brushes for different hair types and textures because then this post would be way too long.Types of Brushes

1. Teasing brush, 68 SEK

This brush (like its name), is made for volume and texture. Its great for creating volume at your roots- like for a relaxed curl or teasing your bangs so that your hair seems thicker!

2. Balmain brush comb, 520 SEK

If you have thick hair like me or don't enjoy waiting as long for your hair to dry while blowdrying using a round brush- I'd get this one. What separates it from the round brush is that it has air pockets that ventilates your hair while you are using it!

3. Wet brush, 76 SEK

This brush grew really popular in recent years and although I don't have one I have tried it and works wonders on wet hair. It has really flexible bristles that detangle wet hair in seconds!

4. Paddle brush, 465 SEK

If you were to only buy one brush I'd choose a paddle brush as it works for all hair types, can be used for blowdrying and doesn't have too stiff bristles so that it works for sensitive hair types as well!

5. Rattail comb, 59 SEK

Sometimes called a parting comb as well- as this is its purpose! Its great to use when finding your part or any other type of hairstyle that requires a part or seperating hair. (Sounds weird but I mean for braids, curling hair etc)!

6. Round brush, 65 SEK

I am actually going out later to buy a brush like this as it is perfect for blow drying. It gives alot of volume, a gorgeous light curl which gives a natural blown out style!

7. Wide tooth comb, 185 SEK

This brush is great when you're brushing out your wet hair (either in the shower or after) and the last thing you need is a brush with bristles that will pull an break your hair. This brush detangles any knots without breakage!





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