Sofia Vendela

♡ Mental Health Update

Hello lovely readers!

Woah this has been a couple of interesting days... Two weeks ago I had a mental breakdown due to stress and overworking myself and had to stay home form school for a few days and when I thought I was better I came back and managed to get through a week of school but the problem with that is that I continued in the same patterns that I did a week earlier and this resulted in yet another breakdown and I have been home both yesterday and today. I am disappointed that I wasn't able to handle my stress but at some point you reach your limit and I've reached mine. Twice. In the past month...

I am recovering and trying to separate myself from my school work as I know that those assignments isn't going to define my future but it's har to remember that! Anyone else going through highschool knows that fact and no matter how many times an adult says it it is hard to take to heart since the school feeds you all this ”important” information that, if you don't do/know, will ”ruin” your future. 

But anyways... I am trying to relax but it is really hard... and really boring as I watch my friends' snapchats from school ahah! I hope you are all feeling well and remembering to take care of yourself- TREAT YO SELF!!

Oh and by the way... Have you noticed my new header? It's Christmas theeemeeed! With a lil' Santa! I am so ready for the holiday season that I feel as though I'm going to explode into little pieces of festive glitter n' sparkles!!





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