Sofia Vendela

♡ Lavender Macarons + Update

Hello lovely people!

I am so sorry for the inactivity- I haven't posted this little in some time but I've had to take this week off to relax. As I've said in a previous post, I've had a nervous breakdown due to stress and I need to take it easy- especially considering the huge workload that comes around Christmas!

But don't worry- In a few weeks I'm flying to Australia for Christmas break and I'll be posting a lot more from my 35C+ ”white Christmas”... Notice the slight sadness at not experiencing my first christmas living in Sweden, in Sweden...

I baked these super cute lavender macarons the other day and they were so perfect with a nice cuppa cinnamon latte mmmm..

Popsugar food has a really good recipe for basic macarons! To help me make the perfect batch I also purchased a few things that will be making an appearance at a later date on le blog...

Hope y'all have had a nice weekend and are ready to get stuck back into a productive week. So take care!





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