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Hello Luvies!

Today I decided to share som trends that have been going on for a while but will probably increase in popularity. If you are a trend setter (or stubborn when it comes to trends in popculture... like myself), I suggest you keep an eye out because these looks will probably go away after the summer as new trends come with cold weather.

So the trend of fluffy accessories, jewellery and sweaters has been around for some time but recently it has become even more popular and I reaallyyy want one of these bags! They may not be for everyone but I love this statement fashion choice.

Socks with sandals has been a slow coming trend with alot of different opinions. I personally prefer the trend paired with a cute pair of heels or booties! There are many different ways to pull off this trend- detailed/sheer socks, socks with frills, patterned socks, different lenths and colours of socks (now lets not even mention the types of shoes...) I honestly don't know exactly how I'd pair this trend just because I have so many ideas but maybe a pair of black or nude court heels with white sheer socks.

Now I'm sure if you've been into any clothing store that is considered trendy (or for teenagers) you have probably seen the ”fruit trend”. This spreads all the way to interior decorating and is a good trend for summer (and will probably end after summer). You can find anything from earrings, shoes, phone cases and dresses covered in one fruit print or another. I personally have always liked statement clutches (as stated earlier) so I like the bag in #4 because it's cute yet quirky but will go with (almost) everything!

And a little bonus trend- graphic fashion! I just wanted to share it because well.. I'm in the magazine (well... my name anyway), and now I really want this clutch as well!

I hope that brought a little insight into some recent trends that can be found over the summer!

Sofia xoxo                                                     

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