Sofia Vendela

♡ NK Christmas Windows

Hello luvs!

Have you seen NK's pretty Christmas windows? No? Well aren't you lucky I took some photographs! I love this time of year, when NK unveiles their windows, shopping streets are decorated with garlands and Christmas lights and you can almost hear the Christmas music in the air! Doesn't it just make you want to cuddle up by the crackling fire (or use LUSH's bathbomb with the same effect) and sip on a cup of steaming coffee (decaf to lessen the crazy heart beat) with a saffron bun?!

This year the theme is Christmas throughout the 1900's and as you can see the one above depicts the 2010's! Tbh I'm a little sad that they included a minion... ahahah! I hope you're all doing well as the weather has been horrible in Stockholm these past days, it was so windy! Take care luvs!





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