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Gift Ideas for Her

Hello luvs!

My second Christmas on this blog is just around the corner and if you are stuck in the Christmas gift giving madness, here are some suggestions as to gifts that they may love! (These gifts are based on things that I like or would give to my friends so it doesn't cover everyone).

My first suggestion is book! Whether that would be dystopian books, Sci fi, fiction, non-fiction or (my personal favourite): COFFEE TABLE BOOKS! They are all tumblr worthy that are meant to be easy to read/flip through so they suit everyone, you only neeed to find the right book for the right person! I love the fashion ones that are about e.g. Vogue covers, Fashion icon's autobiographies  or ways to improve your wardrobe.

Urban Outfitters is a great place for Christmas gifts and especially- cute decor, nicknacks and books! If you're in Stockholm, I highly suggest NK's bookstore that is on the top floor, they have a great selection of both music and books (as well as coffee table books ahahah)!

My second tip is makeup/ products! More specifically- makeup that suits everyone or is hard to go wrong with. By this I mean finding a product that suits the reciever (this also means something that they will actually use) and something that suits their skin tone and undertone. I suggest eyeshadow palettes. It's hard to go wrong with these because there will always be a useful colour. A palette that suits everyone I've seen try it is the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette! Of course, this is slightly more expensive but both Isadora and Maybelline have good natural look! I also think that eyeliner is great! Black is the most popular colour but there are many colours to choose from. I also find that liquid or pencil liner is the safest way to go! My third makeup tip is a lip product, BUT make sure that it suits their undertone (Click HERE for a useful quiz).

My next suggestion is for the younger gift recievers! Things like nail polish, bb cream, lipbalm and mild body mists are a good idea. Before buying anything, I'd suggest you check in with their parents as to what they are allowed to use.

My next tip suits everyone: beverage based presents! I always love a cute coffee mug (like this one from Urban Outfitters)or some new tea or Nespresso capsules to further my addiction ahah!

If the person you are buying for doesn't like tea or coffee, I suggest a fancy hot chocolate mix or a tumbler for their drink of choice (whether that would be a juice, iced coffee or just water- it is perfect for the coming summer).

I also think that stationary is a great gift. Whether they're a student or work- there will always be a use for nice notebooks or a new calender. I got these marble notebooks from Urban Outfitters and H&Mand the diary/planner is from Kikki K's 2015 collection!

This group is a little mix of everything but purses, bags or makeup bags are great as well as bath/shower products! HOWEVER, if all else fails- buy a gift card to their favourite store and write a thoughtful letter in their Christmas card. Good luck!





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