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I have now moved to!!!

After more than three years blogging on this platform, it is time for me to move to a new platform with a completely new website! I am so excited for you all to take part in this journey with me as I expand this little corner of the internet to bigger and better things. There are already posts up on my new blog: ( also works, have no idea why it's at ".se") so please click over and check it out! So goodbye, it has been a great few years and I hope you, my reader, will follow me over to my new platform. See you there!




Small Moments in 35mm Film

1) Misha in spring, 2) my favourite books, 3) Misha and Nea, 4) experimenting, 5) Nea, 6) preparing for my styling shoot, 7) mum's birthday, 8) another photo of Misha, 9) my aunt's birthday, 10) another photo of Nea, 11) a blurred Södermalm, 12) sunset in my neighbourhood, 15) view from Slussen, 16) Gamla Stan, 17) summer in sthlm, 18) more of summer in sthlm, 19) cafe String, 20) Ida, 21) Hässelbystrand Bad, 22) Södermalm does brunch




Meet Me At: Rosendals Trädgård

Hello, luvs

This week, we'll be meeting at the garden cafe called Rosendals Trädgård. I'm sure if you're a Stockholmer, you are already well aware and in love with this cafe. I've been waiting to review this cafe since last year because I missed the best season (aka the summer season) to review it. So, continue reading for my thoughts on this enchanting cafe with the perfect blend of greenery in a metropolis.

Rosendals Trädgård (Rosendal's Garden) is a very large and beautiful garden on the Djurgården island. The main cafe is in a set of white greenhouses with an adorable interior and gravel floors. However, this is not the best part, the main seating area consists of outdoor seating in a gravel courtyard with beautiful greenery and an apple orchard with picnic tables. Rosendal is the best place to go for a coffee and some mud cake.

Who would I bring here: Anyone and everyone, this is my favourite place to go in the summer because of the outdoor seating and everyone should know about it!

The Crowd: Again, anyone and everyone. Rosendal is a Stockholm "smultronställe" (hidden gem) where all and any type of Stockholmer will go for a delicious piece of cake or two.

Internet: No

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: Although I haven't drunk their coffee since last year, I know that both their latte and regular filtered coffee is pretty good (plus, free refills)! Of course, I don't come here for the coffee, more for the scenery and food so a 5.5/10. Average.

Sweets: As previously mentioned, I go to Rosendals Trädgård for the dessert. They have a whole smörgåsbord of cakes, buns, sandwiches and slices that are about the same price as any other trendy cafe in central Stockholm. 

Location and hours: Rosendalsvägen 38, 115 21 Stockholm. About a seven-minute walk from the tram stop Bellmansro which you can take from Kungsträdgården. They're open every day between 11 - 17.All in all, Rosendals Trädgård is a wonderful, majestic and gorgeous garden cafe with a lot of dessert options and places to sit. However, although it is gorgeous, it is also quite expensive, a little far from the city centre and at its most pleasant during the summer months. A 7.5/10!




Denim in Södermalm

Denim jacket - H&M, Skirt - American Apparel, Top - Bershka, Sunglasses - Ray-Ban, Shoes - Adidas

First skirt/no tights/summer/hot weather outfit of the season (falls right off the tongue). I love these summer days where the air is around 18 - 22 degrees, the sun is mild and it isn't windy; making you feel like you're almost floating around in your cute outfit. By the way, for our last art class, we were tasked with sewing items of clothing and I wrote: "Disgust is the most appropriate response to most situations". Pretty fitting but at the same time, not at all.





The Last Few Days

Hello, readers,

I haven't posted for the past few days which is unusual for me but my energy, inspiration and pre-scheduled posts finally ran out. I have been off school for a little less than a week and a lot has happened. I have been busy with my new part-time job, I have finally gotten grades (that I'm very happy with by the way), I have found out some other news that is too trivial or too distant to disclose right now. After taking what feels like years off of the blog, I feel stressed as to what I should post so I thought I'd just share some photos from the past few days including a picnic on National Day, a trip to the Nordic Museum and lunch at Rosendahl's Garden. I won't be keeping up with my post schedule and may not post as often since I really want to increase the quality (rather than quantity) of my blog and that is going to take some time.

Also, I heard that there is a problem commenting on my blog (I was almost going to ask you to comment if you experience a similar problem but.. that doesn't work..) so I'm doing all I can to fix that issue.



A List about Mornings

When do you get up?

During the week I get up at 06.00. On weekends and during the holidays I like to get up between 07.00 to 08.00. However, with my current job, there are days that I'm up at 04.00... 

 What is the first thing you do in the morning?

If its a school day, I listen to a podcast or watch Youtube videos as I go about my morning, going down to the kitchen, starting the coffee machine and making some toast or something along those lines.

Are you a morning person?

Yes! Best time of the day, if sleep wasn't compulsory, I'd skip it all together. 

How long do you spend in the bathroom each morning?

I don't really spend any time in the bathroom in the morning since I wash my hair at night and do my makeup in my room; except for washing my face of course.


Is breakfast important?

Yes, that's how you make it for five hours until lunch. Not to mention that breakfast food is the best type of food. I mean, pancakes, waffles, porridge, cosy coffee mornings, a good acoustic Spotify playlist (I'm getting off track)... come on.

 What do you eat for breakfast?

Honestly, I usually just eat coffee and toast. Occasionally (very occasionally) I'll make some American pancakes, porridge or a berry smoothie along with my coffee, yum!

 What type of alarm do you have?

In the winter, I use LightalarmFr to wake up less agonisingly. But now that it's lighter outside, I just use Apple's sleep alarm thing. I also use the app Rain Rain for some background noise.

 What does your perfect morning look like?

Waking up completely rested at like 06.00 on a weekend, listening to a great true crime podcast as I make pancakes (and coffee) then eat them outside in the sunshine.


What is the best thing about mornings?

The feeling in the air of being able to achieve anything. Also, the fact the world hasn't really woken up yet and you can be alone with your thoughts and feel super productive.

What do like to wear in the morning?

I like to wear the largest softest dressing gown and a pair of slippers during the winter. In summer, I usually throw on an oversized t-shirt and call it a day.




What I've Saved on Instagram 4

Photos are from (in order): violabergstrom, nycbambi, nycbambi, chenebags, hannastefansson, camillecharriere, sommestudio, nycbambi, johannaaankelhed

My Favourite Podcasts #3

Hello, readers,

As many of you may know, I love podcasts and listen to a lot of them so I have a third installment of my favourites. I have written another which you can find here as well as one consisting of just true crime here.



This podcast is probably my absolute favourite true crime podcast of all time and if you know me, you know that I love true crime podcasts. After listening to Lucy on The Peripheral (read about that podcast in a previous favourite post here), I discovered her and Emma's own while in Portugal and managed to binge listen to every episode in the course of a few days. I don't know if it's their choice of only British murders, their jokes and chat or just me missing Portugal (probably a combination of all three), but I absolutely adore S'Laughter! You'll love it too if you like Bone Palace Ballet and/or Talking Crime.

My favourite episode: Episode 19: Graham Young & Thomas Watt Hamilton


True Crime Garage

Thanks to a recommendation by a friend, I have found and binge listened to this lovely podcast. If you like Generation Why, Bone Palace Ballet and/or Talking Crime then you'll love True Crime Garage since it has the same setup of two guys talkin' about true crime, murder and other atrocities.

My favourite episode: Casey Anthony /// Part 1 - 4 /// 101 - 104


Casefile True Crime

It took me some time to get into this podcast and looking back now, I have no idea why since it is so interesting, well done and professional. Listen to this if you like Once Upon A Crime or True Crime Fan Club. I also really like that the episodes are quite long so that you can really get into the case, also, the fact that he covers a lot of Australian cases. I suspect that it may not be used to hearing a proper Australian accent for so long after leaving OZ back in 2015, can neither confirm nor deny..

My favourite episode: Case 49: The Moors Murders (Part 1 - 3) 


Myths & Legends

So moving away from the true crime and stabby stab podcasts, we have this gem covering myths and legends alike! I don't know why I haven't shared this favourite before since I've been listening to it for more than a year and it doesn't resemble any other pod. If you like Mystery Show and Remarkable Lives. Tragic Deaths.

My favourite episode: 68A- Morgan Le Fay: Get Thee to a Nunnery & 68B- Morgan Le Fay: Her Majesty


Don't Blame Me!

The Youtuber Meghan Rienks has started a long awaited podcast with the help of Jack Ferry (of podcasts Not Too Deep and Popcorn) where she answers voicemail questions from her viewers about dating, school, how to be a functioning human and just life in general. If you like Not Too Deep and/or Crash On My Couch, then you should listen to this!

My favourite episode: Ep. 1-Friend-Zoning, Nudes, and Sex


Therese & Zäta


This is for you Swedes out there: if you know of (therefore love) Therese Lindgren then you'll like this podcast which she started with her friend Therese Zätteqvist (aka Zäta) where they talk about they talk about their lives, relevant topics and funny memories. So good, so cosy and comforting. You'll love this podcast if you like Psychobabble, Dear Hank and John or Flora & Frida.

My favourite episode: 4. Med katten som handbagage


Banging Book Club

If you like books, YouTubers and talking about gender, then you'll love this podcast. Each month, Hannah Witton, Lucy Moon and Leena Norms hold a form of book club where they discuss that month's book, its controversy, how it makes you feel and why it was (or wasn't) enjoyable. You'll like this podcast if you like Not Too Deep and/or My Dad Wrote A Porno.

My favourite episode: How To Build A Girl I S1 E12


Popcorn with Mitchell Davis & Jack Ferry


A newly launched podcast reviewing the childhood films of Jack Ferry and Mitchell Davis. Even though I haven't seen any of the movies they cover nor will I ever try since I don't make an effort to watch movies, I still really enjoy listening to them discussing different movies with their various guests. You'll like this podcast if you like Not Too Deep and Banging Book Club.

My favourite episode: Ep. 1- "Big" w/ Grace Helbig 


Crash on my Couch

Youtubers Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire have started a podcast where they discuss conspiracy theories, unusual Japanese culture, why animals are amazing and listener questions submitted by voicemail. So sweet, funny and cosy. You'll like Crash On My Couch if you listen to Don't Blame Me!, Psychobabble and/or Not Too Deep.

My favourite episode: COMC 1 - Nude Performance Art, the Pixar Theory & Bad Dates




Life in Stockholm

Style Inspiration: Preetika Tulsi Roka


Preetika Tulsi Roka: Style Inspiration 2

Preetika Tulsi Roka: Style Inspiration


Find her on Instagram: @preeeets

Summer Fashion Trends

Hello, lovely people,

Finally, summer is here and its time for me to share my favourite trends of the season. I don't want to repeat any trends so I suggest you look at my previous spring, winter and autumn trend posts for ideas as to what is still trendy. Note: I've previously mentioned stripes, floral, yellow, corset belts, tulle and ruffles which are all still prominent in stores and worn today.



The perfect summer print is making an entrance amoung brands like House of Holland, Pringle of Scotland and fashion influencers alike. This summer, you will find this adorable retro print on sundresses, trousers and crop tops alike. Recreate this look: ASOS dress, H&M dress and ASOS shirt.


60' Sunglasses

Finally, the sixties are back! I have been waiting and hoping for this decade to reappear and slowly and surely it is. This particular trend is one that has been common the last few seasons with oversized and/or resin sunnies- usually focused on the typical oversized square Chloe-esk 70's frames. This summer's trendiest pair are more focused on the sixties mod style that is either round or slightly oval and often white. Recreate this look: Pull & Bear sunglasses, Magno sunglasses and ASOS sunglasses


Flash dance Shoulder

No, not the off the shoulder/bardot trend but an earlier version. So channel your inner eighties/2013 style by letting your jumper hang loose while exposing a little clavicle. There are many different ways to interpret this trend, some of which you can see above. Not only is this trend cosy and relaxed but also comfortable! Recreate this look: Boohoo oversized t-shirt, Missguided jumper dress and H&M shirt


The Straw Bag

This is a trend that (if you've been reading my blog) you will know that I've been in love with and inspired by for quite some time. Not only that but this bag also happens to be the bag of the season thanks to Fanny Ekstrand who started Chene Bags. This trend comes in three different forms: the net bag, the straw bag and the straw basket a la Jane Birkin. Recreate this look: Granit net bag, Chene straw bag and Little Doe basket


Flat Mules

This is a trend that I've been keeping my eyes on for the past two to three months: flat mules/slip ons/espadrilles/loafers with no back but still like loafers loafers. Not only are they trendy, comfortable and stylish but they are also perfect for the hot summer weather. I'd love to wear them with a pair of loose fitted trousers, a white tee and oversized denim jacket. Recreate this look: ASOS flat mules, Topshop flat mules and Vagabond flat mules


Bright Colours

More retro vibes (mainly 60's-80's) with this trend seen at fashion week. I love this colour block look, in fact; before I was aware of it as a trend, I styled two looks (here and here) around this colour scheme so I am very happy to see it becoming popular. Recreate this look: ASOS orange denim jacket, ZARA yellow dress and Pull & Bear red tote


90's Swimwear

Last year was the year of the 90's (and still a little 70's) but now, we're seeing a little of it trickle back just in time for summer. Styles that characterise the typical nineties suit include a high cut leg, often a low cut back and (in this recent adaptation of the trend) a focus on block colours; mainly primary. Recreate this look: ZARA yellow high leg bathing suit, ASOS high leg swimsuit and Missguided high leg bikini


Espadrille Wedges

A trend that is back from its most recent stunt in the late 2000's/early 2010's. The most summery and comfortable version of high heels on offer that will (especially with a straw bag) create a lovely look channelling the seventies. Recreate this look: Asos white wedges, Pull & Bear jute wedges and Castaner navy espadrille wedges


Raw Hem Denim Skirt

We've seen the denim skirt before but often with a button up front. Now, the skirt is back in its traditional blue form with a twist consisting of a raw hem. There are so many ways to style this piece, maybe a bright sweater or an oversized shirt, a pair of espadrille wedges and your favourite net bag. Recreate this look: River Island raw denim skirt, BDG denim skirt and Urban Renewal blue denim skirt




Meet Me At: Älskade Traditioner

Älskade Traditioner is a cute cafe in sofo with a retro interior comprised of antique furniture, old movie posters, a strong pop art/50's colour scheme along with an adorable mint green jukebox in one corner.

Who would I bring here: Some of my friends have labelled this to be the local hangout for the art students so I guess I'd bring my fellow artsies here!

The crowd: We went to Älskade Traditioner in the morning on a weekday so there weren't too many people there. A group of friends chatting over breakfast, a few people working on their computers and a mother with her child in a stroller. I suspect that at peak hours, this adorable place is crowded with locals and hipsters alike.

Internet: Yes

Bathroom: Yes

Coffee: Their iced latte is lovely! Just as I was taking my first sip and thought it to be a little too milky, a waitress and/or owner came out with a shot of espresso in a little jug; saying that everyone likes their coffee a little differently and that I could now make it as strong as I wanted. So lovely, 9.5/10.

Sweets: Älskade Traditioner has a counter stocked with blueberry pie, raspberry pie, cherry pie, brownies, doughnuts, biscuits and chocolate balls. So much to choose from. Not to mention that it is very affordable for such a trendy place!

Location and hours: An eight minute walk from the Skanstull tube station. They're open Monday to Sunday: 09-18.

All in all, a cute retro cafe with outdoor seating in the summer and plenty of cosy colourful armchairs for the cooler weather. The coffee is great, there are plenty of options for a sweet treat (including their extensive menu). All in all, an 8.5/10.




Cool Bananas

Sweater - Pull & Bear, Dress - ZARA, Heels - H&M, Jewelry - H&M

This is a continuation of the shoot I blogged about on Wednesday. Again with the same bright pop art/fifties vibe that I channelled for this shoot. I am really happy with the result and now know that I want to work as a stylist in my future. so fun, so inspiring.





The Feeling of Anxiety

The piece above is an unfinished oil painting of mine in which I've painted in a dense and chaotic myriad of colours to convey the feeling of anxiety. The first time I remember feeling anxiety was in second grade, I was seven and found out that when you started third grade, it was an unspoken rule at my school that you caught the tube on your own instead of having your parents drop you off. I remember having that constant nagging feeling and those irrational thoughts but I didn't know that I had a general anxiety disorder. Shortly after, we moved to Australia and I remember being quite relieved that I managed to avoid that fate, having blown it out of proportion. (Side note: I still think it sounds ridiculous for a small child to travel for 30 minutes on her own with who knows what type of people in her surroundings). Anxiety has been with me my whole life, I don't know anything different so I don't always know what is normal and what I shouldn't have to tolerate. I feel it the most about external things, things I can't control which hinders me from quite a bit. I don't like to answer the door, I get very anxious if I'm out late after school, I'm anxious if I'm late to school, I don't like carrying a bag without a strap and get very anxious about wearing a skirt or anything short, I may avoid outings with my friends if it will increase my anxiety and pretend I have too much work to do. Anxiety is one of those things that may seem small but when it is constantly sitting on your shoulder and nagging over the smallest things, it gets tiring, stressful and frustrating but you push through and learn to live with a little devil on your back. You can't sugar coat it but you grow stronger.





Sunny Side Up

Dress - ZARA, Heels - H&M, Earrings - Mango

This is a shoot that I styled for a stylist course that I've gone through for the past few week. I had such a great a fun time putting together this look inspired by a pop art/fifties style. Thanks to my gorgeous friend Madeleine for being my model. My other styling will be up on the blog in a few days.






Outfit at the Opera

Coat - Mango, Blouse - Veronica Maine, Trousers - Gina Tricot, Flats - Marzio, Bag - Rebecca Minkoff

My outfit for the Opera last Sunday. Mum, Ida and I went to see the ballet Drömmen om Svansjön (Swan Lake). It was so incredible, touching and gave me goosebumps over and over again. If you have the chance, please do yourself a favour and book tickets!




What I've Saved on Instagram 3

Photos are from (in order): stockholmfood, jennybbecker, sommestudio, nycbambi, hannastefansson, astovestory,, chenebags, camillecharriere

Final Art Project

After eight long weeks of brainstorming, sketching and painting, I finally finished my last second-year project. I started by sketching out my face in lead on the canvas and adding strong undertones to create more realistic skin.

Then, I just started started working more on the skin tone and adding darker details to the hair in preparation.

I finished the neck, added more layers to the hair, had basically finished the skin, lips and started working on the eyes and brows.

I changed the background colour from a light pink to a greener tone, added the base for the black jumper and added medium tones to the hair.


And voila! My project is done (except that I added more highlights to the hair and kind of cut a huge chunk out of the canvas but nevermind), I'm quite happy with it; especially the skin and the amount of realism I was able to achieve which really surprised me.




New Purchase

I finally bought a pair of round ray bans after quite a while of deliberation, such a classic xx

Red in Lisbon

Sweater - Pull & Bear, Jeans - BDG, Shoes - Adidas, Bag - Rebecca Minkoff, Earrings - Mango

What I've Saved on Instagram 2

Photos are from (in order): preeets, _jeanettemadsen-, fannyekstrand, inspirationstavlan, violabergstrom, violabergstrom, chenebags, fannyekstrand

Weekend in Lisbon Video

A short little video, compiling some clips from my trip to Lisbon Portugal. Sorry for the bad quality, some of the clips were filmed on my camera with a macro lens and are therefore kind of blurry. Please ignore the small fluff pieces, thx.




More Photos from Portugal

The Pink Street.

What our night in dinners would usually consist of: fresh fruit, Portuguese pastries, cheese, bread and chips.

There is literally nothing cuter than Lisbon, I mean, look.

A view from our hotel room.

Street art on the way up to São Jorge Castle




What I've Saved on Instagram

Instagrams featured (in order): @camillecharriere, @camillecharriere, @fannyekstrand, @preeeets, @camillecharriere, @hannamw, @chenebags, @hannamw




Portugal OOTD

Blouse - ZARA, Trousers - Gina Tricot, Bag - Rebecca Minkoff, Sunglasses - Ray Ban